Victory Loves Preparation

At Golden Gate College Makassar, we believe that a good preparation is half the battle won. We have a strong commitment to maximizing students’ preparation before entering world’s top universities. Hence, we put students’ learning outcome as our top priority. We use the three-term curriculum which is carefully designed so that each term is progressive,

What major should I choose?

Let’s say, you love the world of medicine, you love to help others get better, but then you are NOT a science person, you hate studying biology and life sciences. So, should you choose Medicine as your major? or do you think that you have other options when you enter university?   Most of the

What do you expect from a college?

Terminologi college disini diartikan sebagai tempat dimana tamatan setara SMA kuliah untuk memperoleh akses masuk ke perguruan tinggi luar negeri seperti di Australia, Inggris, dll. Bila di Amerika, lulusan dari Golden Gate College misalnya, akan setara dengan lulus tahun pertama universitas di Amerika. Sehingga lulusan Golden Gate Colege selanjutnya masuk kuliah tahun kedua di universitas

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