Victory Loves Preparation

At Golden Gate College Makassar, we believe that a good preparation is half the battle won. We have a strong commitment to maximizing students’ preparation before entering world’s top universities. Hence, we put students’ learning outcome as our top priority. We use the three-term curriculum which is carefully designed so that each term is progressive, integrated, and also build on and extend students’ skill and knowledge from the previous term.

Our first term will teach students the basic skill required at university levels such as using academic language, using mathematical terminologies, developing competence in Word, PowerPoint and internet research, developing independent learning and group work skills.

On the second term, students will be progressing from learning the basic skill to doing analytical work. The modules delivered in the second term guide students to able to demonstrate analysis in written and spoken form, conduct independent research, apply various kinds of method of analysis, collate data by using Excel, Access, table and graph and also analyzing data using certain techniques such as probability, statistic, comparing and summarizing.

On the third term, students are introduced to problem-solving and critical thinking. During the third term, some of the critical areas that students will focus on are; using reliable academic research to solve a problem, creating solutions using global analytical methods, evaluating different viewpoints and perspectives, facilitating seminar discussions and working collaboratively to solve problems.

By using our curriculum, students will be ready to enter the English-medium western-style university setting. Our University Pathway Program (UPP) ensures students will be better prepared for tertiary studies than other international students, and therefore allows them to achieve a higher GPA and graduate with double majors.

Victory loves preparation.

Putu Ayu Yunita, SS., MGAL (Adv).
College Lecturer
Alumni Australian National University, Canberra.
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