Getting the Best of Both Worlds in the Land Down Under

One way to maximize your university experience is to find the right balance between academic life and social activities. However, students often found that this task can be very very challenging, especially for the first-year students. The challenge can be even bigger for the international students who at the same time also have to adjust to the new environment and culture of the destination country.

In terms of students’ life balance, universities in Australia promise to give you the best of both worlds. Students and alumnae agree that studying in Australia has given them the opportunity to balance between studying and activities outside the university. Hence, Australia becomes one of the most popular destinations for international students with more than 480,000 students hosted by the country in 2017. What’s so good about Australia? and How can The Land Down Under provide you with the best of both academic and non-academic life?

Australia has Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act which protects the rights of international students

Australian Laws ensure the high standard of education for the international students by requiring the university to provide international students with the orientation program, access to support and contact information for the staff who can assist students throughout the study.

You get your degree in three years and if you want to, you can study longer!
Usually, it takes three years to finish Bachelor’s Degree in Australia, but if you love to study and want more academic exposure, you can go to the Bachelor Honors Degree. You will have to study for one more year which will teach you a lot of research skill and this can be the pathway for you to go directly to Doctoral Program. so you will earn Doctorate Degree in a shorter period of time.

You are allowed to work while studying
Many students in Australia work part-time for various reason, be it socializing, job experience, and most commonly to help pay the tuition fee and getting an extra living allowance. Your student visa allows you to work up to 40 hours every two weeks and you can apply for jobs inside and outside your campus. And the good news is, during the university break there is no limit on the number of working hours for international students. Imagine how much money you can earn!

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Putu Ayu Yunita, SS., MGAL (Adv).
Master dari Australian National University (ANU) Canberra
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