What major should I choose?

Let’s say, you love the world of medicine, you love to help others get better, but then you are NOT a science person, you hate studying biology and life sciences. So, should you choose Medicine as your major? or do you think that you have other options when you enter university?
Most of the high school students face the same dilemma when it comes to choosing university major. Only a few students are lucky enough to discover the major they want to choose even before entering high school. The majority are unsure about their future, not knowing their passion, their ability and potentially facing a big trouble in the future for choosing a major that does not fit either their interest or academic capability.
So, what major should I choose?
There are thousand guidance and advice given by parents, teachers, and counselor to the students when it comes to picking the right major. However, it is a worldwide phenomenon that most of the students are picking the wrong major which then leads to the high drop out rate in many countries. In Indonesia, for instance, 40% of the university students quit on their first year, not because of their academic incapability but because of choosing the wrong the major.
What’s the effect of choosing the wrong major? Imagine studying something you are not interested in for 4 years or more? It will be a disaster! That’s why students whose majors don’t reflect their interests are less likely to graduate on time and more likely to drop out. Actually, you can choose your major in an easier way! Making the decision of which major to take can be less complicated when you observe the following factors.
It is important to remember that it is YOUR MAJOR, it’s good to listen for advice, but in the end, you are the one who will do all the work. So choosing a major that you’re interested in will keep you motivated throughout the whole process. It is important to get as much information as you can about the major you wish to pursue, check the courses that you will have to take and think about whether it will suit your passion and interest or not.
Turning passion into a job is not always the case. Ideally, students are expected to choose a major which is a good fit for their strengths and preferences. So before making the decision, make sure that you know your abilities well. You should be confident that you can do well in the majority of courses that you will deal with. For example,  you have a plan to major in engineering even though you weren’t great at math, what may happen next is that you will struggle during the lesson and you might fail some of the courses. This will badly affect your degree, your GPA, and even your employ-ability.
Your personality provides a great information about which major to choose. Imagine if a nursing student has no interest in helping people and solving patient’s problem? Do you think that she will succeed? Well, probably not. Many have proven that picking a major that fits your personality will bring you greater success. You’ll be more likely to get good grades, graduate on time and be satisfied with your future career.
When it comes to choosing university major, knowing yourself well and plan ahead is the best move. Once you know your interests, capability, and personality then you will be well-equipped to discovering a way to make your success story.
We can help you!
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